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I do my portrait photography a little bit differently than other photographers. Instead of offering a variety of packages with sitting fees and "session" time limits, I charge $10 per image. That's it. Pick out as many portraits or as few as you like. 



What is a portrait?

Let's face it, most of us feel a little self-conscious having a camera pointed at us. You can see it in our forced smiles and awkward poses. And why shouldn't we feel sheepish? The camera becomes a metaphor for the voyeur, the unknown audience. Let's see if we can't minimize that angst. Relax, be comfortable, be yourself. Let's have a conversation while shooting, drink some coffee. I want to hear your story. A good portrait tells your story. Are you always on your computer? Bring your computer. Does your child have a favorite toy? Bring the toy. Do you suffer physical or mental illness? A portrait is not a place to try to cover up suffering or pretend everything is fine. You don't have to have that perfect family portraits with everyone clad in matching pastels and perfectly whitened teeth. A portrait doesn't mean anything if it misrepresents who you are. A portrait means everything when it tells your story. And in that way, the portraits I enjoy the most are an artistic cooperation. Bring your story and I'll put it in an image.    

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