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Exploring Creation Through the Lens of Faith

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Ironic Waters of Clearwater, FL.

Hey Gang,

Thanks for coming back and taking a look at my latest adventure. In this episode of The Hungry Pelican, we are going to take a swim off the coast of Clearwater, FL. Not all dive are world-changing, paradigm shifting events, however, there's always something that stands out. (A word of advice before we get wet, don't stick your fingers in dark places.)

Thanks again for checking in.


Oh, yeah, someone asked me not too long ago how they could help with my vlogs, business adventure, photography exploits, etc.

  1. There's the obvious way. You can purchase an image.

  2. And while purchasing an image is great...the best help you can give me is by simply liking and sharing my video with your friends and groups on social media. Another way is to go to my YouTube page and become a subscriber. You'll end up getting my vlogs twice, once via email from me and once through your YouTube subscription.

To get anywhere in the arts, financially anyway, whether it is releasing an album, publishing a book, or creating photographs, you have to sell your soul to self-promotion. I simply can't bring myself to do that. Here's an example, when I post my video to Facebook, the algorithm will only show the video to less than twenty people. If I post a selfie, a great number more people see it. I don't get it. I don't want to get it. I can't bring myself to waste weeks and months to figure out how to get it. But I do know that if the vlog is shared I get a bump.

This weekend, if you are near by, I will be operating a vendor booth in Historic Burgaw for their Christmas Festival. Stop by and say hello.


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